Theoretical thesis


The study of the relationship between space, costume design and the performer in directing three performances by Oskar Schlemmer, Laszlo Moholy-nagy and Kazmir Malvich

Abstract :        

This research is an approach to evaluate the theoretical and experimental theatre workshop of "Bauhaus school" of art which is the pioneer of performance art. The theoretical structure of this research is based on the "Oskar Schlemmer"’s studies on the elements in theatre which have instantaneous and momentarily characteristics.

Schlemmer as a head of Bauhaus theatre workshop, through the abstract maker formula, had studied three elements of geometric space, formalistically costume and the performer specifically.

The body of this research with observe to these elements, contemplates three pieces of ‘’Triadic Ballet’’,"The Tales of Hoffmann", and ‘’Victory over the Sun’’. The achievements of Schlemmer in ‘’Triadic Ballet’’ and in the Bauhaus workshop provided the appropriate platform for "Loszlo-Moholy Nagy", until he could observed the experiments of these instantaneous elements close by. He as a forerunner constructive in Bauhaus with the formation of The Tales of Hoffmann, outran the Schlemmer’s ideals and created the new outlook in twenty century’s stage design.

In order to complete the cognition of these two artists of Bauhaus school, the futuristic performance of ‘’Victory over the Sun’’ designed by; "Kazimir Malevich" explicit even more the root of this approach. He was a pioneer of geometric abstract art and the originator of the avant-garde, Suprematist movement that from the Russian futuristic and constructive performances had influenced many artists of Bauhaus school. These three artists with the definition of new relation among those three discussed elements achieved the kind of work of arts which exhibit the new horizon in the choreographies of second half of twenty century.

Key words: Space, Costume Design, Performer, Direction, Bauhous theatre School

P.S: A photo of the performance in theatre workshop of "Bauhaus school", designed by: Oskar Schlemmer for "Triadic Ballet", 1926