Practical thesis



This modern and sociological tragedy creates a tragic hero through a fully-known character and by de-familiarizing his fate narrated by Euripides in order to reflect the sociopolitical space and feministic concerns of Iranian society. To achieve this end, the playwright depicts two different situations by using postmodern theater customs. In one situation the life of "Sara", the contemporary writer, is depicted while writing a play about Medea. On the other hand, in another narration the story of Medea is seen after his children have been killed. At the end, these two narrations lead to Medea’s suicide and Sara’s immigration. In this adaptation, Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by Sir James George Frazer and Iranian folk tales have been greatly effective.

After consultation with Dr Keshan Fallah in several discussion sessions, Miss Somayeh Tajik wrote Comma in June 2014. This play was performed after 4 months of training in November 2014 in Ostad Khorshidi Hall in the Faculty of Cinema and Theater.

(P.S: A photo of the performance Comma, MA thesis of Theatre Direction, Ostad Khorshidi Hall, faculty of Cinema and Theatre, autumn 2014)