Mourning Becomes Electra


Mourning Becomes Electra

A bachelor’s project of theater- the branch of set and costume design

By Eugene O’Neil

“Mourning Becomes Electra,” is a psychoanalytic trilogy which describes the relationships of a wealthy and famous family in America and the townsfolk are greatly interested in knowing about the details of their life. In these three scenes, Lavinia achieves self-recognition through the murder of her father in the first part; planning for the murder of Adam Brant (her mother’s lover), his death, and her mother’s suicide in the second part; and the suicide of her brother (Orin) in the third part, and finally imprisons herself in her father’s house as the only remaining family member in order to mourn. Therefore, the text is basically female-oriented, and in the subtext, it somehow analyzes the sexual and psychological complexes in the history of this family on one hand, and takes a look at the Greek mythologies on the other.

I have been inspired by" The environmental theater" of "Richard Schechner" , "the laboratory theater" of "Jerzy Grotowski" and "Georgia O'Keeffe" the American painter in setting the design of this project.

Majid Mirfakhraei is one of the greatest international Iranian designers and I'm honored to have him as my supervisor in the bachelor’s thesis which led to my familiarization with his ideas and trends. Mourning Becomes Electra was presented in winter 2010 in Décor workshop of Faculty of Cinema and Theatre in Tehran University of Art.


P.S : find the animation of the stage design Here